If your have anything web related, then we do it, and we do it well!

REB Enterprises, LLC
St. Louis, MO 63141


Specific pricing is difficult without knowing the project details. So please use our contact page to obtain a quote for your particular project. However below is a general guide of the prices for our various services.

  • General basic website creation: $400+
  • Website coding: $20/hour or by project quote.
  • E-stores: $700+.
  • WordPress sites: $500+
  • Custom WordPress sites: $800+
  • Dynamic Websites: $800+

Please do not be taken in by low prices from other sources. There are many freelance sites out there where you can post your project and get bids from all over the world. Most of these bids are from foreign countries quoting very low prices to build your website. We have many clients that have wasted money on these foreign countries and then selected us to do their website right. After all do you really want to select a “Doctor” based on the lowest bid?

The cheap comes out expensive!!!


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